Recoleta Neighborhood

A modern and elegant neighborhood of Buenos Aires

Elegance, culture and attractions

Known for being one of the most elegant and exclusive neighborhoods in the city, Recoleta is located in the north of Buenos Aires and has an interesting variety of cultural proposals.

In addition to picturesque and tree-lined streets, the Recoleta neighborhood stands out for its impressive European-style buildings, squares and parks.

With the perfect balance, Recoleta is a neighborhood that combines elegance, culture, history and nightlife, making it a unique and attractive place to visit in Buenos Aires.

Among its most emblematic establishments is the Recoleta Cemetery, one of the most famous cemeteries in the world and the place where several important figures of Argentina rest.

It has an impressive architecture, with tombs and mausoleums of different styles, such as neo-Gothic, neoclassical and art nouveau, worth visiting.

This cemetery is part of the national and international tourist circuit, attracting thousands of people throughout the year.

Other attractions in the Recoleta neighborhood are the museums and cultural centers. Spaces dedicated to culture and art that offer countless activities for those who visit the neighborhood.

Among the most notable places are the Recoleta Cultural Center and the National Museum of Fine Arts.

Characteristic of the Recoleta neighborhood, you can find large green spaces such as Plaza Francia and Plaza Thays. These are some of the largest and most beautiful squares in the city, which also have fairs, spaces for sports and more.

Thus, Recoleta is a neighborhood with a rich history and culture, which offers a wide variety of activities and attractions for all tastes.

Recoleta has a wide variety of bars, clubs and restaurants, attracting tourists and locals alike. There are options for everyone, from cocktail bars to electronic music clubs.

What is the reason for the name Recoleta?

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The Recoleta neighborhood takes its name from a convent that was located in the place where the Recoleta Cemetery is located today.

This building belonged to the order of the Discalced Recoletos, a branch of the Franciscan friars who arrived in Argentina in the mid-17th century.

The area began to be known as the Recoleta neighborhood due to the presence of the convent and the Recollect friars who lived there.

In the 19th century, the Recoleta neighborhood became a place of residence for the wealthy classes of Buenos Aires, and began to develop as an elegant and exclusive neighborhood.

Although the convent no longer exists, the name of Recoleta has remained as a historical reference to the origin of the neighborhood.